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Unsecured bank loans

    Bank unsecured loans mean banks have certain assets, creditworthy borrowers of a pure credit.

    Bank loan without collateral requirements:

    1, other banks have to pay more than 1 years or settling for less than 1 year of the period for repayment of the mortgage loan (provided the original loan contracts and ID card), loans of up to 200,000.

    2, civil servants, public institutions, listed companies (25-55), provides payroll journal. , Up to 500,000.

    3, the average working person, credit cards, loan records. (28-55), the local unit of wages, more than 4200 Yuan a month. My name in real estate. Up to 500,000.

    4, legal representative, (28-55). I have real estate, local businesses (2 years or more), providing enterprise 12-month water. Up to 500,000.


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