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    mortgage loans can actually refers to customers already have traded commodity House as collateral for bank loans, there are differences in the secondary market, mortgage loans and property loans, is that customers already have ownership of the property, rather than coming. Loans subprime home loans are needed to have a clear purpose, not for purposes prohibited by the laws and regulations, such as: real estate, the stock market is not allowed, requiring use of subprime home loans earmarked, and regulated loans, and regulators, found in breach, the Bank is entitled to recover loans.

    first, the need to provide information on

    borrowers (married) couple's ID card, residence booklet, marriage certificate;

    borrowers (single) proof of identity card, residence booklet, single;

    borrowers (divorced) ID card , Account, proof of divorce, singles, the Division of property;

    land titles, property, income proof, uses proven

    er, process: provide information – evaluation – Bank approval--loans--mortgage-loan-

    three, lenders and loan period:

&Nbsp;   1, lending time: 10 business days (if funds are urgently, you can apply for private loans)

    2, the loan amount and period: assessed value is the percentage of years--15 years

    four, conditions, requirements: 1 age, lenders: lender age < 60

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