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Using two sets of combination mortgages save money tips

    now after increase of bank interest rates and down payments, many buyers pressure, how to learn by second home buyers save money? One coup.

    now use a combination of commercial loans and loans for second-time home buyers, are required to increase down-payment requirements and benchmark interest rates to float, but second homes has been supplemented by four banks, using pure of Provident Fund loans to buy second homes, floating 10% provident fund interest rate, the interest rates for the commercial loans, still offers a lot. However, easy loan China reminded, apply pure Provident Fund loans to buy second homes must pay attention to two points if the applicant has previously been of Provident Fund loans, the loan must be accomplished; also to see if we can apply a sufficient amount of Provident Fund, if they can not apply for adequate credit lines will increase the burden of a house down payment.

    is now using two sets of loans portfolio

    now there are some houses on the market can be two sets of open living, won some families welcome to one step, but under the influence of two mortgage interest rate costs, buyers may wish to adopt the following measures to achieve the objective to save money ... ... The first, but is also a big lift a little, do ppl "first mortgage" small "second mortgage", so that the down payment on a large unit into a 40%, interest discount small size units with 50% down, but paid a lot less than the large units of 50%. The second, a ward took a small, little house paid in full, large mortgages. In this way, you only need to do "first mortgage" first fucheng and interest criteria in addition, loans for small units are also generally less, so the burden of interest floating 10% is relatively small.


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