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Credit card directly affect mortgage rates

    now more and more people are using credit cards because it is convenient. But credit card must be used with caution, if the credit card has a bad record will directly affect mortgage rates.

    loan repayment in full and on time is essential, such as late or not in full repayment will be the Bank "on record", credit history information will be transmitted to the Central Bank's national credit repository can have an impact on individual credit history and future borrowing.

    If your credit record is not good, customers not only cannot enjoy the discount mortgage rates, banks will consider lending risk, benchmark interest rates based on the float. "If an extra 200 yuan per month interest, paid 2400 Yuan more than a year, are not worthwhile. "Bank staff said:" sometimes, caused by adverse record be found negligent, so we all pay attention, how to look after your credit history. "

    bad credit history is not conducive to financial management, carrying 30 mortgage Xu deep experience. October 27, 2008, the margin of commercial personal housing loan interest rates to fall as banks adjust to 70%, he rushed to the Bank to apply, but due to repeated neglect of timely repayment, thereby affecting your credit record, and was rejected by the banks enjoy preferential mortgage rates.


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