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Henan province "mortgage deal" Pan

    on June 26, several media outlets citing Henan provincial people's Government Web site, said the province's housing and urban-rural development department combined the provincial Finance Office, Bank Zhengzhou branch, Henan 6 departments, such as the EAA issued a rigid demand on supporting opinions to promote steady and healthy development of the real estate (hereinafter "the opinion").

    authority of CBRC Henan told reporters June 26, Henan online mortgage deal is misrepresentation, this policy was not final. Zhengzhou Finance Office also denied a mortgage deal.

    views is considered a breakthrough in four main areas: the first is the first "recognition, and deny loan", and reiterated the Bank's first 70 percent preferential interest rates. For example, where the family name (include borrowers, spouses and minor children) of real estate registration-free House is considered to be the first suite, financial institutions on the basis of the risk-benefit balance, in principle within the benchmark interest rate to float downward 30% concessions should be granted.

    in addition, is a relaxed policy on real estate development loans and fund loans, and so on. For example, encourage active loans provided to qualified and reputable real estate companies in the market, used for building small, low-priced commodity housing.

    as "first recognize, and deny the loan" will be released before the home buyers loans of lending constraints, and 5 more than 70 percent preferential interest rates may lead to higher interest rates hangs upside down, so the views exposed, whether formally issued and implemented a major concern.

    this year, Henan's economic downward pressure, 4 months before home prices and sales are on the decline, May have improved, may look to the real estate industry-led economic growth.

    statistics show that the first 5 months, growth in fixed assets investment in Henan province fell by 5.9% year, industrial investment growth of 13.6% per cent fall. Support medium-and long-term loans the first 5 months of increase of 44.2 billion yuan, less than short-term loans to the new scale.


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