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2012 prepayment of mortgages need to be cautious

    Mortgage is a lot of house slaves are now closely watched topic, whether prepayment must deal, which required varies.

    early repayment depends on these three points:

    enjoy a 70 percent interest in no rush to repayment of the loans. 70 percent of 5-year lending rate is less than 5-year deposit interest rate, money payments than bank deposits. If the early repayment and refinancing home buyers, banks not only have no concessions, and will perform a second floating interest rate of 1.1 times.

    implementation of the floating rate borrowers and borrowers in the early repayment, fit for loaner. Implementation of the floating rate borrower if any one's ability to pay, prepayment; if you have financial needs in the future, property or applying for a mortgage. If in the early repayment, most of the interest on the loans are not repaid the less affected.

    select a matching the repayment of principal and interest, is close to medium-term of repayment, or you can choose equal principal repayment, borrowers and repayment period of more than 1/3 are not fit for loaner. Some banks will charge a part of the penalty for prepayment customers.


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