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SME financing five points is easy

    finance is a common topic of many small and medium enterprises, as banks in auditing small and medium enterprises, it is hard to assess the risks and solvency, so many banks are reluctant to finance SMEs. As long as the following five points, financing of small and medium enterprises will become very easy.

    1, carry out the banking regulator "three guidelines" reasonably control credit, rhythm and structure. Guarantee credit flow to benefit from the source of the real economy and people's livelihood and important projects, and promote the upgrading of industrial structure, Foundation for stable economic growth.

    2, clear criteria for classification of SMEs, strengthen specific guidance. Proposal led by the CBRC, financing for small and medium enterprises to develop uniform size standards for financial institutions, specifically the establishment of one or two dimensions, more concise business size standards and build a unified information platform, share information, guidance for different types of banks, and more effectively promote the development of SME finance.

    3, the introduction of social capital and resources, social credit system of market-oriented development. This a initiatives can solution commercial banks for SMEs financing Shi cannot effective gets accurate information of problem, elimination commercial banks financing concerns, recommends introduced social resources and capital, integration tax, and business, and customs, and hydropower, and social security, information database, for financial institutions on SMEs of financing provides information platform support, reached to market operation promote financial institutions SMEs financing of effect, while also can by this promote social commercial integrity construction.

    4, through the strengthening of effective risk sharing and compensation mechanisms, strengthen confidence in commercial banks for financing. That further strengthening of the SME policy of the Government guarantee or guarantee institutions set up and guide commercial banks to guarantee the financing of SMEs, undertaken jointly with the Bank financing risks and establishing certain risk compensation fund for financial institutions in the financing of losses by the Fund a percentage of the compensation.

    5, development of small business credit for commercial banks franchised companies tax breaks and bad loan write-off policy quickly approaches. Recommends that the Ministry of small business credit for commercial banks franchisees startup business tax relief reduced bad loan write-off procedures, improve the efficiency of small business loans bad debt written off, after the verification period identified as loan losses does not exceed 180 days. Also recommended that State commercial banks small business credit franchise tax relief and write-off of bad loans quickly, enhance confidence and motivation of commercial bank lending, help commercial banks to increase small business lending support, so as to achieve the goal of supporting small enterprises development.

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