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Maintain a good credit record need to be aware of what

    now more and more people choose to spend with a credit card, so keep a good credit history into focus in people's lives, so keep a good credit history needs to pay attention to what point?

    1, loan or apply for a credit card should be affordable, and live within our means, beware of excessive abuse, so as not to affect personal credit history due to inability to pay debts.

    2, pay attention to changes in interest rates caused by changes in monthly payments.

    3, credit cards, mobile phone number is deactivated, deactivate or cancellation in time. Already have a poor record of credit cards, PIN cards immediately is not recommended. Right thing to do is pay up immediately, and continues to use the credit card for two years.

    4, keep all kinds of identity documents.

    5, on a business trip or before going out to do a proper repayment arrangements.

    6, care guarantees to third parties.

    7, it is not recommended by a third party agency to repay the loan.

    8, handling the associated payment business.

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