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Auto loan required application materials

    with the development of society, people's minds more and more open, spend tomorrow's money on today's cars have become a normal social phenomena. What about auto loans what application materials are required?

    1, personal loan application form

    2, married borrowers will need to provide his/her spouse's ID card and the original and photocopy of marriage certificate (some spouse ID is not required);

    3, proof of residence or permanent residence (includes booklet, proof of residence, Stay card, or near 3 months of rent, and water, and electricity, and gas fee, receipt);

    4, and borrowing people effective identity documents, including identity card, and booklet, and officers card, and passport,;

    5, and career and personal income proved, necessary Shi must provides family income or property proved (work documents original and the copies, and recently tax proved, and Bank generation sent wage passbook,);

    6, and Bank recognized of guarantees of proved material: including arrived (quality) bet real listing and has disposition right people (containing property total people) agreed arrived, and pledge of proved; right to sector issued of mortgage real ownership or right proved, and written valuation proved, and agreed insurance of file; pledge real must provides right proved file; guarantor agreed perform joint responsibility guarantee of file, and about funding letter proved material;

  &Nbsp;  7, and provides not below provides proportion of first payment voucher;

    8, and if borrowing by purchased vehicles for used cars, also needed provides car intention proved, and Bank recognized of assessment institutions issued of vehicles assessment report book; vehicles sold people of vehicles property proved, and by trading vehicles motor vehicle car registration card, and vehicles annual proved, (needed note of is, is not all Bank are provides used cars of car consumption loan);

    9, car proof of intent issued by the car dealer or car contract;

    10, opened personal settlement account credentials in the lending banks;

    11, other materials required by the Bank.

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