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Early repayment should pay attention to what

    topic at this stage people are familiar with the loan, the Bank's interest is no less, and now has enough money in his pocket would consider early loan repayment. However early repayment should also pay attention to the following matters:

    1, if the borrower to repay in advance, usually on the phone or, upon written request, with their ID card, loan contract to the Bank for approval procedures. If the borrower is to settle all remaining, after the Bank calculates the remaining loan amount, borrower to deposit enough money to repay in advance. If it is a refinance mortgage customers and owners of the business, it's best to find a professional security agencies do commissioned notary to avoid owner prepayment customers not to buy after or customer down payment help owners to pay off the balance after owners to price risk.

    2, must ask the requirements, prepayment of borrower, must be in repayment for more than six months, or even individual banking requirements have for more than a year of repayment. Banks generally require the borrower to 15 working days in advance about submitting written or telephone request, Bank after receiving the prepayment of the borrower to apply for approval, it generally takes about a month's time. In addition, the Bank for prepayment requirements also vary, for instance, some banks to provide for early repayment if multiples of 10,000 yuan, some banks charge a certain amount of liquidated damages.

    3, do not forget to surrender and mortgage solutions: customers who settle loans, be sure not to forget to go to mortgage solutions for this session. The borrower carries the title deed, clearance certificates and mortgage bank certificate of his right to the District Councils to understand mortgages. This way could be said to have their own homes is their own property.

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