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How to run the most cost-effective

    Provident Fund is now the masses are very hot topics, how to use, so that the MPF system play the biggest role, is also a lot of people are concerned about the topic, how to use a provident fund is the most reasonable and most cost-effective?

    1, and as pension

    If not for purchase or rental, uses, can will Provident Fund as assets configuration combination in the of sound or conservative configuration, after more long time, will accumulated larger a pen funds, for children education, or in retired, and suffered unfortunately completely lost labor capacity Shi, again extraction out, this but a pen quite considerable of ' pension '. "

    2, cash

    If poor economic conditions, comply with the conditions when the extraction; if economic conditions are good, account is also good, can be extracted later for children to buy a House.

    3, housing Provident Fund money with money

    for housing, or purchase for a one-time payment or has fully repaid the loan, consideration could be given to their use of provident fund arrangements can effectively play its role. Use housing Provident Fund to buy a home for investment or rental to avoid idle of the Provident Fund. Provident Fund schemes exist and become highly skilled financial management: sustainability by means of housing Provident Fund "cash", and houses for rent has become a steady source of cash.

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