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Venture loans introduction of multiple channels

    the situation in China is now working to feed themselves and their families, so more people are choosing to start their own businesses, there are a lot of things in the entrepreneurial process that requires the attention of, one of the most essential is the question of funding. Today nine profit guarantee senior experts a variety of loans, you can reference.

    1, bank loans

    to banks for business is the most traditional and popular loans, the ceiling for personal loans provided by the banks is tens of millions and millions of big, loan period, usually no more than 5 years. Bank mortgage mode of flexible, can be used by way of mortgage, pledge, surety. Loan interest rates based on loan term increases handed up, usually between 6.1% to 7.05%.

    2, through the employment agencies to apply for

    individual employment through the employment agency applications for small secured loans in the amount of 20,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan, if the entrepreneur is engaged in high-tech industries, and handle their own business card credit limit be increased to 100,000 yuan. Include hotel services, catering services, haircuts, copy typing 30 low profit items, entrepreneurs can enjoy the full financial discount, that is, without paying interest on loans, and the rest is required in accordance with the interest rates on bank loans to repay principal and interest. Outside the required 2-year loan period, entrepreneurs can apply for 2-year delay repayment loan maximum period of 4 years.

    3, the insurance company

    is flexible, offering higher interest rates! Insurance companies that provide micro-loans can be divided into two: the first is credit, such loans require auditing of insurance companies, is there to prove the criteria for living in the residence time less than 6 months, or worked in the unit for 6 months business license for 1 years from the private owners. The second is using the policy as collateral for a loan, this loan line of credit based on the cash value in the policy decisions.

    4, investment guarantee Corporation

    loan fast interest; borrowing to investment guarantee company loans has become a commonly used.

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