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I wonder how many small secured loan

    the situation in China is now working to feed themselves and their families, so more people are choosing to start their own businesses, there are a lot of things in the entrepreneurial process that requires the attention of, one of the most essential is the question of funding. When you apply for a small loan what points should I note?

    request object: College graduates, home workers as well as veterans with valid ID, and unemployed persons approved by the labor and social security departments, can be applied.

    loan program: participate in venture training, and to account location of community labor guarantees sector written application (submitted small guarantees loan application book), submitted personal material and documents (including ID, and employment unemployment registration card, and project report, and diploma and guarantees institutions requirements of material); after step by step audit, by city guarantees sector determine, by guarantees institutions handle procedures, by loan bank issued payments.

    guarantor requirements: micro-loan guarantee requests for third party, but it should be noted that, between husband and wife cannot guarantee each other; loans outside their Hukou cannot guarantee retirees cannot be guaranteed.

    loans: micro-loans up to 8.1 million Yuan, a shorter time limit for subsidized loans, usually for two years, but may apply for an extension after the expiration, extension course to pay for their own interest.

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