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Rapid financing tips

    with the development of economy, more and more people choose to self-care business. Start-up entrepreneurs many factors have to be taken into account in the process. First is the question of funding, how quick financing is a critical step, which also has a lot of tricks.

    1 choose home loan

    General 3-5 commercial loan interest rate 5.58%, difference, 0.81%, curves of housing loans for start-up costs are lower. If entrepreneurs had purchased homes, existing homes can also be used as collateral for business loans, the unlimited use of the loans, can be used as initial funds.

    2, carefully selecting the Bank

    in accordance with the provisions of the financial regulation Department, banks make business loans can be within a certain range of floating or floating loan interest rates, such as banks ' lending rates can float 30% in many places. Loans to the Bank and went to the market to buy things, pick and choose, shop around to find inexpensive merchandise. In contrast, State-owned commercial banks ' lending rates are lower, but more stringent requirements, if your loan is complete, to save financing costs, you can use "RFQ tender" approach, interest rates on bank loans and other extraordinary charges compare, choose a bank mortgage, pledge or low cost secured loans.

    3, family loans

    business most in need of low-cost funds, if close relatives and friends in bank deposits or Government bonds, you can borrow and consultation, in accordance with the deposit interest rate interest payment and proper float, let you easily and quickly to raise venture capital, friends and family can also be slightly higher than the bank interest rate, Says best of both worlds. However, this requires the borrower has a good reputation and, if necessary, can find a guarantor or property, stocks, gold and silver jewelry and other collateral, to relieve family and friends to worry about.

    4, rational choice loan

    Bank loans is generally divided into short-term loans and long-term loans, the higher the longer the term of the loan interest rate, if the funding needs of entrepreneurs time is not too long, should try to choose a short-term loan, such as originally intended for two-year loans can loan a year, so you can save on interest costs. In addition, venture financing is also to pay attention to the trend of interest rates, if interest rates trend higher, should start before the rate hike for the loan, so you can enjoy low interest rates before the rate hike in the current year if interest rates drop, in the case of demand for funds is not urgent you should be suspended for the loan, cut and then handled in due course.

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