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    finance is a common topic of many small and medium enterprises, as banks in auditing small and medium enterprises, it is hard to assess the risks and solvency, so many banks are reluctant to finance SMEs. In such circumstances, how effective the rapid financing of small and medium enterprises?

    small business loans, instead of lending to enterprises, loans to business operators than individuals. Bank loan credit manager will have very high requirements for enterprise operators.

    1, attention to management, strengthen contact with the Bank. Managers ' best moments initiative to maintain good relations with financial institutions, and to understand the business and operator sees broad prospect and enterprise managers to perfect the management level of enterprises, is willing to support the development of enterprises.

    2, play to our strengths, optimum financing possibilities. In the field of banking credit popular saying: corporate finance report, financing of water meters, electricity meters. In fact, manufacturing SMEs in General, its production can be directly reflected on the monthly electricity consumption, water consumption, and banks in credit investigation is information about this general reference information. Therefore, SMEs to obtain financing in the case of financial statements is not so good, business owners by providing a water meter, ammeter data seeking to obtain finance from banks.

    in the process of financing, SMEs should also be doing some specific adjustment:

    1, on the amount of money the pursuit of rationality. For SMEs, financing aims to direct the funds needed to ensure production and management. Lack of money will affect production, and excess funds will lead to use of funds to reduce, resulting in the wastage.

    2, pursue a capital structure ratio. SME Fund decided to type and amount of funds raised. According to the structure of the matching principle, small and medium enterprises for funding on a permanent current assets and fixed assets, to medium-and long-term financing financing is appropriate due to seasonal, cyclical and stochastic factors caused by changes in the business activities of funds, mainly to short-term financing method of financing is appropriate.

    3, on the use of funds to pursue profits. SMEs in financing channel and way Shang not like big enterprise as exists larger of select room, but this is not said SMEs only "hungry", instead, due to itself exists anti-risk capacity weak and funding difficult, features, SMEs more should on each pen funds good added weigh, integrated consider business need and funds cost, and financing risk and the investment returns, many aspects of factors, must put funds of source and into combined up, analysis funds cost and investment returns between of relationship, avoid decision errors.

    4, financial operations, in pursuit of incremental funding more stock-oriented financing. Incremental funding from the quantity increase the total amount of funds in order to meet the business needs of production; the stock financing refers to the premise of not increasing the total amount of funds, through the adjustment of capital structure, accelerate cash flow and avoid unreasonable use of funds, and raise the funds used to meet the expanding production and business needs of SMEs.

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